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Our Champion

You have won our trust
Our respect
You have stolen our hearts with your beauty
Your artistry is unmatched
Your kindness unrivaled
The relentless efforts you aspire to are incomparable
it gives us strength
Both for ourselves
& to support you in whatever adversity they may throw your way

You are our Champion Michael

Never doubt that you are worthy of our praise
You have given so much
To so many
Always remember...


We are all anxiously awaiting your next project
& would all love to see you ASAP
It is also understood that
you are at a different point in your life at the moment
You are not ours alone any longer :(
We are sensitive to this
& appreciate all that your new found life
has brought to you
Nothing could make us more joyous
Than to see you so joyfull
Living your life
For you
It is long overdue!
You deserve to be happy
Everyone deserves to have thier dreams come true
It gives us so much comfort to know
That some of your dreams
Are becoming a reality

There is nothing you need to prove to us

We can see you for who you are inside
What we see is awe inspiring

You never have let us down
Never given us a reason to doubt
That you are the person we see
A tremendous human being
Who's love for his fans
& all mankind
Never wavers
No matter what punches the world may throw
You continue to stand tall
To sink to a level lower than decency
Well, it is just not an option for you
Though the opposition continues to sink lower
You never choose to meet them at their level
Rising higher with each pinfall
You remain constant & true to us all

The ability to stay true to yourself
To your friends
Your art
Your beliefs
In such a case
Is something one would usually only aspire to
But To remain true
In the midst of all you endure
It is just amazin'

Michael you are my Champion
You have been a part of my HIStory
Since I can remember
You have always been there
Whenever I have needed some inspiration
You provided me with it
There can be no doubt
The case is the same for countless others as well
Some maybe with even stronger feelings than I
The fact being
You touch us all in such a way
That we can feel your love
WE can feel your pain
I can only hope
With all my heart & soul
That you never loose your strength
You are never pushed to far
And are forced to give into this world
And all it's anger
It's hatred and betrayal
I pray you remain the "FREAK" they have labeled you
Maybe you are a "FREAK"
Maybe the definition of "FREAK" needs to be changed
If only we could all be the person you are
The oddity "not of this world"
There isn't a question in my mind
That we would all live in a much more

I can Dream too :) Love to all

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