When you look in the mirror,
do you see our faces?
Watching you?
Don't be afraid,
we mean you no harm.
Sometimes love can smother,
even though it is given,
with the best of intentions.
You have to know we love you.
The question is,
Can you feel the love?
Does it get past the barriers?
We feel your love in the song
and with the dance.
With the energy and magical images

that you display for us.
That face, that Angel Face.
Tell us Michael,
Can You Feel The Love?

In your darkest hour
in your deepest despair
We will still care
We will still be there...
Through your joy and your sorrow
in the promise
of another tomorrow
We will never let you part
for your always in our hearts
We love you Michael!
I hope you can feel the love.